My dream. My goal. If I don't begin, I will never succeed. I am finally dreaming while awake. I love how growth never ends. Each day I become more and more of the person that I restrained without cause. As I grow, I prune away the dead and dying failures, hinderances, and insecurities. I want … Continue reading Growth



On yesterday, I shared my grief at the loss of something that I really wanted. To say that I was devastated would be like saying the Amazon is a bubbling brook or the Pacific Ocean is a teardrop.  I was severely more than just devastated.  It felt as if the world continued to move and … Continue reading Pursue

Life’s Mixtape: The B Side

I am a dreamer. My memories are like a cassette tape. LIFE'S MIXTAPE. Side A being the truth, and Side B being the dream. Eventually, the tape gets worn and I can't tell the difference between the sides. I no longer mind the warping tune that emits from the dream. I accept my ability to … Continue reading Life’s Mixtape: The B Side