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For the Weekend

Here I dream of that languid lifestyle enjoyed by so few. I picture myself sitting in the comfortable Homes and Garden photographed and staged window seat (that I do not own, but have on my wish list) of my home office, lounging in my PJs, reading one of my thirty library books (that are due), drinking tea from a proper tea service (also on my wish list). There is no media, no phone, no computer, no connection to the outside world. For just a few hours, I enjoy life au naturale. The dishes are done. The laundry is done. The shopping is nicely put away and a crockpot is lovingly tending to a roast (which my husband does not eat) for Sunday dinner. It is sunny and cool like the autumn mornings you see in Stars Hollow. And most importantly, my agenda for the day is selfishly centered around me and my think time. Across the room, is a beautiful antique desk and built-ins that are organized by Martha. Because of the therapeutic joy my Happy Planner has bestowed upon me, I have begun scrapbooking. Once I finish reading this chapter, I will turn on Gilmore Girls or some Duke or Coltrane and begin setting my planner for the next couple of weeks. I will write a few blogs, check the roast, and maybe go for a bike ride. I will snack on cheese, crackers, and grapes (sometimes in the form of wine). Most importantly, I will be at peace with the beautiful stillness of time standing still.
My life is full of meetings, appointments, work, and volunteering. I love every minute of it. But, my lifestyle is a languid dream of peace, self-discovery, and comfort.


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Austentacious Self

Almost everything that I learned about self-confidence, I learned from Elizabeth Bennett. I love how being second never dimishes her idea of who she is. She even exudes self-confidence in the face of adversity, Mr. Darcy.  I can relate.  She isn’t the most beautiful and she accepts that.  Beauty can be defined in so many ways.  I don’t consider myself beautiful in any classical way, but I think my toothy, full-cheeked smile, joyful personality, and effervescent presence define me.  I like that Elizabeth is intelligent and sensible, but that she doesn’t take herself so seriously.  She delights in the way that her sisters are individuals with whom she fits rather nicely.  Like Elizabeth, I do not want to be like anyone else–except a great literary character… maybe.  I laugh a lot.  I smile a lot.  I am loyal.  And, I find little offense in those who do not wish to be in my acquaintance.  On the other hand, I find it easy to speak with people, to smile in greeting, and to be considerate of their feelings.  I live and love in humor.  In that way, I suppose I am agreeable, wouldn’t you say?

My self-confidence has been four decades in the making.  It has taken time to know myself and to become comfortable with all aspects of me.  Time has taught me to be happy with who I am, to love myself dearly, and to adorn myself with great thought and words.  So, yes, I am like Elizabeth.  Sensible, well-read, quick-witted, and smart-mouthed.  Sweet, fierce, and stubborn.  Comfortable standing in the middle of a room, hidden in plain sight.  I am in harmony with my Austentacious self.