Holding back

If I am completely honest with myself, I can honestly say that I am a big liar. I lie about my strength, abilities, comforts, security, and stability. I don't say "No" nearly as much as I should. I am a very complex chameleon that doesn't like drama, upsetting people, or rippling the pool but does … Continue reading Holding back


THIS is my year…

It seems that each year I give myself some feeble pep talk to convince myself that THIS will be the year. In fact, that's why I love January 1. I always feel confident that I will succeed in all that I ask of myself THIS year. THIS time will be different. I know because I … Continue reading THIS is my year…

The Farce of Contemporary Hip-Hop

Contemporary hip-hop is as fake as a square two-cent penny and everyone is trying to spend that crap on a Furby. I don't listen to the radio anymore. I hate hearing the lyrics so simple, vulgar, and pointless that either have the words are censored or a two-year old can sing the entire song like … Continue reading The Farce of Contemporary Hip-Hop