Better Days

Better days Good ol’ days We’re always looking back. Top down cruisin’ Afro blowin’ Isleys on the 8 track. Bell bottom swayin’ Platforms clackin’ Awareness on the rise. Outspoken leaders Radical rebels Not afraid to show our pride. Better days Good ol’ days We’re always looking back. Racists brothers Fatherless mothers And the gov’s dealin’ … Continue reading Better Days



Day 1/May 1 The word apprentice was ruined for me by some lame untalented television show hosted by a Florida citrus grove mascot. Not that I have anything against citrus. Lemonade is a staple of my summer and I used to really like oranges. What happened to the real apprenticeships? What happened to working with … Continue reading Apprentice

Austentacious Self

Almost everything that I learned about self-confidence, I learned from Elizabeth Bennett. I love how being second never dimishes her idea of who she is. She even exudes self-confidence in the face of adversity, Mr. Darcy.  I can relate.  She isn't the most beautiful and she accepts that.  Beauty can be defined in so many … Continue reading Austentacious Self