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Better Days

Better days
Good ol’ days
We’re always looking back.
Top down cruisin’
Afro blowin’
Isleys on the 8 track.

Bell bottom swayin’
Platforms clackin’
Awareness on the rise.
Outspoken leaders
Radical rebels
Not afraid to show our pride.

Better days
Good ol’ days
We’re always looking back.
Racists brothers
Fatherless mothers
And the gov’s dealin’ crack.

Faster money
Gangsta dreams
Poverty’s on the rise.
Ignorant leaders
Are glory seekers
Not afraid to run and hide.

Better days
Good ol’ days
We’re always looking back.
Today’s problems
Are tomorrow’s crises
But we’re stuck looking back.


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Day 1/May 1

The word apprentice was ruined for me by some lame untalented television show hosted by a Florida citrus grove mascot. Not that I have anything against citrus. Lemonade is a staple of my summer and I used to really like oranges.
What happened to the real apprenticeships? What happened to working with a master/expert in a particular discipline? What happened to really becoming good at something other than social media modeling and rant posting? I would like to be an apprentice with a cake decorator, a graphic designer, a bassists, and a publisher. That’s just naming a few. I imagine that some careers would benefit more from apprenticeships than they would from a money-draining post-secondary institution. And, I imagine that a lot of disengaged and higly talented high school students would benefit from learning a trade as an apprentice. It might even keep some struggling students in school.  Who knows, apprenticeships might be the next big thing.  Yuge even.  Okay, that was a little much.
Apprenticeships, what a thought?


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Austentacious Self

Almost everything that I learned about self-confidence, I learned from Elizabeth Bennett. I love how being second never dimishes her idea of who she is. She even exudes self-confidence in the face of adversity, Mr. Darcy.  I can relate.  She isn’t the most beautiful and she accepts that.  Beauty can be defined in so many ways.  I don’t consider myself beautiful in any classical way, but I think my toothy, full-cheeked smile, joyful personality, and effervescent presence define me.  I like that Elizabeth is intelligent and sensible, but that she doesn’t take herself so seriously.  She delights in the way that her sisters are individuals with whom she fits rather nicely.  Like Elizabeth, I do not want to be like anyone else–except a great literary character… maybe.  I laugh a lot.  I smile a lot.  I am loyal.  And, I find little offense in those who do not wish to be in my acquaintance.  On the other hand, I find it easy to speak with people, to smile in greeting, and to be considerate of their feelings.  I live and love in humor.  In that way, I suppose I am agreeable, wouldn’t you say?

My self-confidence has been four decades in the making.  It has taken time to know myself and to become comfortable with all aspects of me.  Time has taught me to be happy with who I am, to love myself dearly, and to adorn myself with great thought and words.  So, yes, I am like Elizabeth.  Sensible, well-read, quick-witted, and smart-mouthed.  Sweet, fierce, and stubborn.  Comfortable standing in the middle of a room, hidden in plain sight.  I am in harmony with my Austentacious self.