THIS is my year…

It seems that each year I give myself some feeble pep talk to convince myself that THIS will be the year. In fact, that’s why I love January 1. I always feel confident that I will succeed in all that I ask of myself THIS year.
THIS time will be different. I know because I have a power that I didn’t have all the other 40 January 1s before. I have confidence in myself. I don’t care about approvals or rejection. I am tired of existing in a world where plenty of miserable people make others miserable feeling failures. I am going to write at least three times a week, even if the things that I write are garbage. I am going to have a fearless adventure day once a month even if I a scare the crap out of myself. In 2018, I want to live unlimited. I am going to revisit my goals and dreams. Anything that doesn’t make me happy long-term gets the garbage. 2018 will let me shine or burn bright.


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