Afternoon Tea

the-ultimate-afternoonToday, I celebrate a milestone birthday.  You know it’s a milestone when birthday cards emblazoned with 40 and Over-the-Hill blanket an entire section of the card aisle.  The Big 4-0 is upon me and I am Over-the-Moon happy.  There is no sadness or sense of regret in being four decades old.  I may not have accomplished all that I wanted, but I have far more than I dreamed.  My life is what I have made of it.  So I celebrate with my version of an afternoon tea.

I love tea.  Hot.  Cold.  Tangy.  Creamy.  Chai. Iced. Unsweet.  Honeyed.  Lemoned.  Powdered.  Bagged.  Bagless.  Morning.  Noon.  Night.  On this late afternoon, I sit lazily on the sofa with a good book in my hand, an assortment of savory and sweet treats on a small tray, conversations in the background, and I drink my loose leaf tea from my Harry Potter mug with Mr Tea Pants perched on the side.  Today is the day that I order myself a special treat, a tea set not unlike the tiny china ones I had as a child.  I will pick some Over-the-Top, yet cheerfully beautiful mixed-matched set that delights me.  One day, it will sit in my office.  And, at 3:30 on each afternoon, I will celebrate with afternoon tea and remember this special day.



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