Day 1/May 1

The word apprentice was ruined for me by some lame untalented television show hosted by a Florida citrus grove mascot. Not that I have anything against citrus. Lemonade is a staple of my summer and I used to really like oranges.
What happened to the real apprenticeships? What happened to working with a master/expert in a particular discipline? What happened to really becoming good at something other than social media modeling and rant posting? I would like to be an apprentice with a cake decorator, a graphic designer, a bassists, and a publisher. That’s just naming a few. I imagine that some careers would benefit more from apprenticeships than they would from a money-draining post-secondary institution. And, I imagine that a lot of disengaged and higly talented high school students would benefit from learning a trade as an apprentice. It might even keep some struggling students in school.  Who knows, apprenticeships might be the next big thing.  Yuge even.  Okay, that was a little much.
Apprenticeships, what a thought?



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